How I Wrote, Published, and Sell A Book

It’s easier than ever to become a “published author” thanks to the digital world (eBooks) and self-publishing opportunities. However, there does not appear a single “best’ way to do so, and multiple avenues exist to reach the final destination. This post simply outlines the route I took to write, publish, and sell my low back pain book. I hope it helps others looking to write and publish their own literary masterpieces.

Self-Publishing Services:

I chose to utilize Amazon’s self-publishing service (Kindle Direct Publishing) to serve as the foundation for creating and publishing my book, both digitally and hardcopy. I said it served as the “foundation” because I used the parameters needed and selected (page sizes, margins, color scheme, etc.) when creating my actual manuscript. Overall, the process of setting up the book for publishing and listing it on Amazon was fairly easy and straight forward. The most challenging (and frustrating) part was final formatting of my document to meet Amazon’s criteria for hardcopy printing (this is completed when uploading the document in the Manuscript and Book Cover sections). Amazon will kickback the submission for many issues. My most common problem with my manuscript was too narrow margins. As for the cover, it was creating the correct size (specifically the spine) for the desired page sizes and number of pages of the manuscript. These were corrected through trial and error then resubmitting. Below are screenshots from the website guiding the user through the self-publishing process.