I Wrote a Book! But.... Why?

As for most people, the year 2020 was “interesting”. The pandemic impacted everyone, hitting some harder than others. For us at Vertex PT Specialists in Columbia, our patient loads dropped from near 100% capacity to less than 20%. Fortunately, thanks to our company leadership and government support, we were all able to hang on to our jobs. We were encouraged to best maximize our downtime by creating social media content, completing continuing education materials, and other miscellaneous tasks. I dedicated a bulk of that time writing my low back pain book.

Though writing a book is no small feat, self-publishing options and eBook production make it a lot easier to spread your word. I highly encourage those who want to increase their “street cred” and strengthen their position within a market or niche to consider doing so. I plan to write another post about how I wrote my book to serve as a guide to help others.

I wrote this book for three main reasons. Primarily, I wanted to share my own experience. Storytelling is a powerful tool for building patient rapport and sharing my personal journey with chronic back pain allows me to better connect with my patients. I struggled for over three years after blowing a disc in 2016, but I was able to overcome the injury without surgery, injections, or narcotics. My story has been encouraging for others, so I wanted a better outlet to share it.

Second, I wanted to consolidate everything I learned during my own rehab process into one comprehensive resource. During physical therapy school and early in my career, I was taught and practiced focusing primarily on the problem areas. Specifically, I focused on physical impairments such as weakness and inflexibility. However, during my personal journey, I better understood the complexities of chronic pain and the need for a more holistic approach. Though addressing physical impairments is important, I now know maximizing other areas of health made a bigger impact on my recovery. For example, optimizing my sleep was much more beneficial than stretching my tight hamstrings!

This leads to the third reason I wrote this book. I wanted a resource for patients that addressed the need for a more holistic approach to rehab and was easy to comprehend. I thought it was necessary for patients to understand how pain is processed, what certain diagnoses actually mean, how lifestyle factors can impact recovery, and how to program a home exercise program. I believe I was able to accomplish this, and it has been extremely helpful for patients to read as part of their rehab program.

So, that’s basically why I took advantage of some 2020 downtime to write a low back pain book. Having a little extra passive income from sales is an added bonus! Speaking of sales….. click the link below to purchase a hardcopy or digital version of my book. If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts!




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